Porsche Sport Driving School

Porsche Sport Driving School - Australia

Michelin Australia is the official tyre supplier for the Porsche Sports Driving School in Australia.

Porsche sets the bar very high when evaluating tyres to be used in the Porsche Sport Driving School; they demand excellent grip and handling, longevity, and above all safety. Michelin Australia is proud to be chosen by Porsche Australia to supply the tyres.

For Michelin globally, the partnership with Porsche is more than just supplying tyres, it’s a true technical partnership with designers from Michelin working closely with Porsche to develop tyres that deliver total performance.

The Porsche Sport Driving School in Australia has its own private test circuits, adapted by Porsche to give participants the total Porsche experience, participants drive in a guided and safe environment without the normal restrictions of everyday traffic